Our KimK package is aptly named after Kim Kardashian, queen of the flawless contour. By combining jawline filler, cheek filler, chin filler and either nose or lip filler, we can achieve eliminate any imperfections and achieve a perfectly chiselled, contoured face – without the need for makeup.
Our KimK package includes jawline cheeks and chin and nose or lips 4ml over the chosen areas.
Some people can have a sagging jawline which can be a sign of ageing. Others may genetically have an under formed or weak jawline which can have an impact on their confidence. Dermal filler can be used to stiffen the skin on a jawline and define the chin and jowl area, decreasing the weakness and also giving a face lift effect by improving definition. 
HM Aesthetics use dermal fillers to improve the definition of the cheek bones or to lift the mid-face to give the face a fresher more youthful look. We carefully inject dermal filler above the cheekbone to give a more defined face and a non-surgical alternative to permanent cheek implants.
A number of our patients come to us to add definition to a poorly defined, under projected chin, asking for more width, more length or a more angular chin. A strong chin can also help add definition and balance to the other facial features.
For patients who desire a non-surgical solution or are interested in seeing potential results before undergoing surgery, chin augmentation with dermal filler is an excellent option and, even with a very modest amount of filler, the chin can make a noticeable difference to the face as a whole.
Our non-surgical rhinoplasty enables us to completely transform your entire profile in approximately 15 minutes. Working with the same fillers used for lips and cheeks, we can correct curves, bumps, and lumps and even make your nose appear smaller and thinner.
Our advanced lip augmentation treatment is highly effective for creating fuller lips and a flawless pout.
Perfect for patients wanting to restore volume lost due to aging, define thin lips or to create a stand-out smile without the need for lip liner, lip fillers can restore or enhance the shape and volume of your lips.